Your About Page


Imagine you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood and you’ve made the very bold decision to invite a bunch of people you’ve never met over for a party.

Your guests knock on the door and you greet them with a smile and a friendly handshake. They awkwardly walk in, check out the food tables, and look around for anyone else they might know. Within 30 seconds they discover they’re the only vegan alcoholics at a brews and burgers fest, the vibe is about as exciting as a night at the Reagle Beagle, and one of their other creepy neighbors is double dipping the guac. They nod politely to you and then hightail it out through the back gate.

Guess what? They’re never coming to another one of your parties again.

That’s what happens on About Pages all over the web, every second of every day.  

Wrong message, wrong audience, wrong time. Bad party.

The good news? It’s an easy fix.

You just have to know how to tell a good story.

One that takes your reader down the path where you ending up as the peanut butter to their jelly makes perfect sense.

You see, one of the great parts about you is that you’ve got more than one story you could tell. I mean, I know we’ve just met, but if you’re anything like the many hundreds of clients I’ve written for over the past 20 years, you’re as interesting and qualified as all get out. And the stories about your greatness are endless.

We’ve just got to figure out which one to tell and who to tell it to. And if we’re smart, which of course we are, we’ll tell the one that helps you connect to your ideal clients and customers the fastest.


Building a brand and business online is not easy. There’s a lot of noise, a lot of competition, and picking a story and a path makes most of us feel incomplete.

We know that specificity and singular threads are what help us stand out. But we also know that we’re so much more than a tagline and a promise. So we don’t know how to say the most important stuff. And make people care about it.

That’s what I help you do.

Here’s the truth. You can be the best writer in the world and suck at writing your about page. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’ve tried. It was a disaster. Let’s move on. Because this: We’re simply too close to our stories and since they’re all really damn important to us, we don’t know which ones to use.

I take away that decision for you by pulling out the ones I know will help you connect to the people you want to reach.


Bright and early Monday morning we meet on the phone for 90 minutes. We talk about your life, your business, your ideal clients and customers, and you tell me all about the big vision you have for growing your biz.

Later that day I retreat to my office and write a draft that’s ready for your eyes 48 hours later.

You share ideas, we edit, I polish and then I run it by a copy editor so it’s all correct and professional and I haven’t done something silly like used a gerund, chosen a weak word, or put a comma where there absolutely should have been no comma.

On Sunday evening I deliver the final copy and you cry tears of joy because you had no idea you were as awesome as you sound.


90-minute strategy session ($500 value)

My sought-after session notes, which include marketing ideas, soundbites and recommendations I’ve come up with over the course of our week together ($1500+ value)

2 days+ of copywriting + 1 round edits ($1600 value)

Unlimited copy + marketing consulting via email during the week ($1000 value)

Design and page formatting suggestions ($200 value)

Final editing ($200 value)

Total Value ($5000+) Total Cost $1500!


Complete this form to get the ball rolling. Once I receive it, I’ll be in touch via email within 48 business hours.