My name is Melani, but my friends call me “Mel”.  Well, one of my friends calls me Smelani, but it’s not what you think.

My mom always used to say that I was born with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other. I always used to say, “That must’ve been a bitch of a delivery!”

But she was right. The seeds of my writing career began when I was very young. I wrote because every time I did, I got a reaction. And that felt good.

After careers as a social worker, teacher, therapist and freelance writer, I discovered the fabulousness that is copywriting. Nora Ephron was hella right… everything IS copy.

For several internets now I’ve been writing for tech companies (like Google), bestselling authors (like Jennifer Louden), sought after speakers (like Jenny Blake), spiritual thought leaders (like Hiro Boga), app developers (like SugarWod) and many more.

I’ve written TEDx Talks, sales pages, emails, website copy, promos, case studies, about pages, books, scripts, speeches, content, online courses, curriculum, textbook chapters, white papers, articles (like this) and more.

But that’s not the whole story.

You know how I just told you that my mom said I was born with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other?

Well, what I left out is that my dad loved to follow that up with, “I thought she was born telling people what to do.”

He’s not wrong.

Don’t tell anyone, but the joy I feel in my life is directly related to how many hours a day I spend in Basecamp. Or Asana or Teamwork or SmartSheets.

Which is why these days I’ve brought my two great loves together. I’m the CMO and writer of all the things for Jennifer Louden and I’m a freelance project managercopywriter.

Have an interesting and solidly scoped out project that needs managing? I’d love to hear about it.

Need copy that won’t put people to sleep? That’s here.


Official bios are a drag to read so I’m not writing one. Here are some random facts that’ll give you a better picture of who I am and if I’m the kinda girl you’d like to work with.

:: I desperately LOVE pools and water. If I’m not looking at a pool or sitting by one, I’m thinking about how I can get one. Or at least how I can make pool sitting an actual career.

:: I was obsessed with four things as a kid: writing, talking, planning and sports. I somehow managed to get paid to do all of them as an adult.

:: I have two speeds: fast and faster.

:: I ran 50-100 miles a week for two decades, practiced Ashtanga yoga daily for 10 years, played tennis competitively for eons, and after 4 surgeries on my left knee, and one in the wings, I’ve traded most everything in for obsessive amounts of walking.

:: My goal is to walk 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. I just need a driver and a babysitter.

:: I want to live in a world where there are more handwritten letters than Facebook posts, there are more bikes than cars, and everyone knows what their career superpower is.

:: My not so secret dream is to go to law school and work for the Innocence Project.

:: My other oh so secret dream is in the works. Yep. Right now. As we speak. It’s happening. #writingmademedoit

:: I don’t do social media.

:: I hate flying. Before I get on a plane, I write goodbye letters to my loved ones. I do crazy things like rate each person on the plane and plop them into my death algorithm. Then, I spend the entire flight counting down the moments to my certain death.

:: I hate science fiction, fantasy, chase scenes, clutter, chachkies, and any movie or book where I can’t relate to the characters.

:: If I’m not wearing cotton, and many layers of it, I’m probably in a bad mood.

:: My favorite question in life: What do you have to say no to so you can say yes to what you really want?

:: I love the smell of Jean Nate bath splash, candlelight anything, scalding hot decaf chai, passionate and loud debates, old photo albums, coffee dates with friends and memoirs.

:: I was born hating things, stuff and clutter. If it were up to me, I’d live in a tiny house. Next to a gigantic pool.

:: My favorite book of all time: The Preppy Handbook

:: My guiding philosophy is: Do the work. All is coming. If my guiding philosophy had 3 babies, they would be: 1. It’s only big because you haven’t done it yet. 2. You have the exact life you’re giving life to. and, 3. You should really tell more people how awesome they are.