Marketing Project Management That’ll Take You From Deep In the Weeds to Driving Your Most Important {and Profitable} Projects Through the Finish Line

As a marketing project manager I get immeasurable amounts of joy from working in Basecamp. Or other project management tools like Asana, Teamwork, Coschedule, SmartSheets …

Their clever little to-do lists that allow me to show off my Olympic level delegation, management and organizational skills make me cry tears of joy.

The bigger the project, the better. The more detailed, the better. The more interesting and awesome the goal, even extra better.

And what that means for you is that if your marketing projects aren’t quite running like the well-oiled machines you were hoping for, I can help.

Hiro Boga“Working with Melani has brought ease, focus and spaciousness to the day-to-day of my business. Melani supports my business with as much care and devotion as if it were her own, bringing her heart, creativity, and formidable skills to my current and future projects. She is a marketing and strategic powerhouse, able to plan the various aspects of a marketing campaign with wonderful creativity and responsiveness. She executes ideas swiftly and accurately, with great attention to detail. And most of all she cares: about my clients, my vision, and the contribution my team and I make to the world.”

– Hiro Boga, Author, Teacher & Mentor for Creative Entrepreneurs | HiroBoga.com

Where My Project Management Skills Shine

When you hire a business + marketing project manager who also happens to be a longtime copywriter, content creator and marketing consultant, you don’t just get someone who knows how to plug in dates and assign tasks. You get someone who knows exactly what needs to get done, when it needs to get done, why it needs to get done, and how it needs to get done to ensure that the true vision of your business is what drives every to-do on the list.

You also get someone who’s used to jumping in to write anything that needs be written so nothing falls behind or through the cracks.

With a marketing lens that never leaves me, I always have an eye on making sure you get a significant return on your investment… whether I’m assigning a to-do, creating and executing your entire editorial calendar, or writing words that sell… from the first impression to the final sale.

Have important projects that need managing, I’d love to hear about them.