(you know, without sounding like a sleazeball)

Persuasive copy is a gift. It makes people act, it supercharges your business, it keeps your lights on, and it lets you pay your employees enough so they can do important things like feed and clothe their kids.

So you can’t wing it. And you can’t just slap up any old words and hope people will care enough to keep reading. Your business is too important to take that risk.

That’s where I come in.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve written and edited thousands of pieces of copy and I’ve learned how to write words that clients and customers actually want to read. When that happens, your emails get opened and read, you sell more products and services, and your website gets more ideal visitors.

I know. Dreamy.

Jenny Blake“Melani is one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve ever worked with. She is thoughtful, highly responsive and much more than just a writer—Melani is a strategic thought-partner, idea generator, content marketing consultant and business builder…”

—Jenny Blake, Author, Coach, Speaker, JennyBlake.me

The “I Love You” Page – AKA Your About Page

Your ABOUT page is the most visited page on your site. The last thing you want is someone to show up for your party and then leave because nobody’s dancing.

In just one week I’ll write or overhaul your about page and make the party so good, it’ll be the invite of the season.

Case Studies… When You Have An Important Story to Tell

You’ve done brag-worthy work.

You’ve taken your client from here to next year.

You’ve given them your best and it shows.

But for some reason, you’re not showing it.

You’re trying to do all of the talking when a story would say more than you ever could.

That’s why you need Case Studies.

A well-crafted Case Study tells the “before and after” story of your client in words that paint pictures (and numbers) your potential clients and customers simply can’t ignore.

And writing them is my jam.

Content & Course Creation

One to many. Passive income. Orders that automagically appear while you sleep. That’s the promise of an online course, right?

Well, it’s not quite so easy as many marketers would like you to believe, but it’s still a legit option – and one that helps you be seen as an authority in your industry. But with so much knowledge and so many ideas and possibilities swimming around in your head, how do you know where to start, what to write, and MOST importantly, what your potential customers will dish out their hard-earned money for?

That’s my specialty. Part teacher, part content writer and part marketing strategist, I deliver the A to the Z in content and course creation.

“Working with Melani is one of the very best things I’ve ever done for my business. I’ve made her swear she’ll never leave me.:) Over the last 24 years, I tried repeatedly to hire marketing help but every single time I was disappointed. What a waste of money and time! The amount of bull out there in business development is truly astonishing.

Melani is amazing because she’s the very rare combo of a strategic analytic mind, a coaching mind and a creative writer mind. She’s so steeped in what works to build an ethical, profitable and mission driven business.  She’s seen and studied so much and she brings it all to our work together.

She’s lightening fast, meets every single deadline, and captures my writing voice, which is no small feat considering I’ve been honing it for 24 years. She’s full of brilliant ideas to realistically grow my business and so not only are my profits increasing and my work load decreasing, but I feel so less alone because I have Melani to brainstorm with. I somehow managed to find someone who thinks about my business almost as much as I do:) She even loses sleep over it, thinks about it while she’s running, and then comes back to me with great ideas.

If you’re looking for someone to market for you, write for you, project manage for you, and champion you and your work, I cannot recommend Melani highly enough!”

Jennifer Louden, Best Selling Author, Teacher & Retreat Leader | Jennifer Louden.com

“Melani is one of my favorite women on the planet. Why? Because Melani ACTS on everything she learns and as a result, she makes huge leaps in her business and then passes that on to her clients so they can do the same. She’s a gifted writer, coach and communicator and she’s found a way to create an extraordinarily fun business that feeds her soul AND makes a significant difference in the lives of those she touches. She has tremendous courage, insight and heart. If you want an incredibly generous but “loving kick in the butt” writer + business and marketing coach to help you communicate your message to more people and get big time RESULTS, Melani is the way to go!”

—Marie Forleo, MarieForleo.com

Something you need that’s not on this list such as emails, sales pages and scripts. I do those too so complete this project plan and let me know what you’re working on.

Wanna know what some more of my clients have said about working with me. This page is for you.