When I was in college, someone leaned over to me in class and asked, “Hey, will you write my paper for me?”

I didn’t do it. Because that would’ve been wrong. Or maybe because I had a party to go to. It’s a little fuzzy now. But it was the first time I had the idea that I could actually get paid to write. Something I’d loved doing ever since I could hold a pen.

Over the past 20+ years I’ve partnered with many hundreds of clients on every type of writing from TEDx talks to chapters in legal textbooks, conference presentations, feature stories, case studies, speeches, one sheets, books, website copy, sales pages, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, video scripts, ads, blog posts, curriculum, online courses and more.

My clients have included entrepreneurs, national law firms, government contractors, student housing organizations, New York Times Bestselling authors, app developers, schools, and tech companies like Ribbit and Google.

I bring a background heavy in psychology, human behavior and education to my work as a writer and when it comes to marketing, it’s proven to be a pretty great combination.

If you’re looking for a writer, I’d love to hear more about your projects.